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Steam carpet cleaning provides the best technique in carpet cleaning which removes dust and dirt stuck deeply inside the carpet fibres. This technique penetrates to the very depth of the carpet’s fibre molecules, with no harm to the carpet beneath. During rug cleaning, steam cleaning machine allows cleaning the rug right through, on both sides, without flipping or any hazard occurring.

We use high-quality cleaning solutions capable of smell, allergen and stain removal. The best possible results from the hot water extraction cleaning are very effective.

We are equipped with all the necessary equipment and advanced solutions, which assist us delivering excellent cleaning results every time we provide services for our customers. Treating stains and other blemishes always occur before we proceed with the deep carpet cleaning to ensure we leave the delicate carpet fibres sanitised and bright.

Carpet Cleaning

What is hiding in your carpet? Pathogens such as Salmonella, E coli and Staphylococcus can hide in carpet fibers and cause illness. Carpet beetles and their larvae feed on fabrics, causing damage to your clothing, upholstery, bedding and carpets.

Carpeting can be a reservoir for allergy causing substances, allergens that trigger asthma every day, oily residue from the rooms in your home and your family. Pets, if you have them, is carried in from outside and dries onto your carpet. This residue attracts and locks in dirt to your carpet fibers.

This is why you need special carpet cleaners like flexible mercurial limited to use sophisticated machinery in water suction to remove dirt, pathogens and animal furs.

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